ASHL Announces FREE SZN Contest Winners

TORONTO, ONT. — After successfully completing the Summer ’22 FREE SZN draw, 12 lucky ASHL teams from across Canada the United States walked away as the grand prize winners.

There were 892 eligible contest entries across the 12 participating locations, with each of the winning teams receiving a full waiver of their ASHL Summer ’22 league fees. Yeah, that’s a nice way to start off a season.

For a full list of winning teams, please refer below:
…and stay tuned for what we’ve got in store for the Winter ’22/23 season. 👀

  • Burnaby (BC): Real Mooseknuckles, Men’s D
  • Etobicoke (ON): Bauds Hockey, Men’s C
  • Langley (BC): Knights, Men’s 30+
  • Mississauga (ON): ASHL Flyers, Men’s D
  • North Shore (BC): The Emergency, Men’s D
  • Oakville (ON): Cambrian Dragons, Men’s E
  • Oshawa (ON): Expendables, Men’s 30+ E
  • Romeoville (US): Slashing Pumpkins, Men’s E
  • Saskatoon (SK): Mugs, Men’s D2
  • Scarborough (ON): Whalers, Men’s E
  • Winnipeg (MB): Knock Offs, Men’s D
  • York (ON): ASHL Team Blue, Men’s E

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