Health and Safety are the top priority as we bring the game back this year.

Canlan Ice Sports, Hockey Canada, and the ASHL have worked diligently this summer to provide a playbook to help bring the game back safely this season. As we move into the Fall, we want to ensure your league has the tools, resources, and guidance to get back on the ice and get back to playing the game we all love.

With more than 25,000 players participating in over 200 leagues across Canada, our program’s exclusive partnership with Hockey Canada provides industry-leading sport accident insurance and a suite of additional benefits to help your league run the best it can. 

Keep scrolling and we’ll tell you more about the program, and how your league can operate in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines in your area.


Play hockey knowing your players are protected by Hockey Canada’s supplementary sport accident insurance program. Players also have access to AD&D coverage, while leagues are also insured with general liability insurance, which includes coverage for COVID-19*.

Registered affiliate leagues continue to run their league their way. We’re not here to take over the way you’re doing things, we’re simply looking to be your playmaker out there to help make your league keep players safe as we look to get back onto the ice this season.

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Helping you bring the game back safely this season. 

You’re probably trying to figure out how your league can come back to life this Fall. While it’s more than likely that the game might look a little bit different this Fall, we’re happy to help provide some expertise to ensure you and your participants are able to get back onto the ice. Here’s a few tips right off the bat:

  • Provincial Guidelines: Ensure you’re up-to-date with Provincial Guidelines and their impact on hockey.
  • Arena Guidelines: You may find that things are a bit different with your Arena. Your best bet? Reach out to them to confirm what policies and procedures they’re going to have in place.
  • Game Format: Your game format will likely be subject to change this year. Consider 5-on-5 with modified rules, or a 4-on-4 format as options. Some areas may also need to comply with Participant cohort restrictions (e.g. Max of 50 players in a division).
  • Participant Waiver: It’s a good idea to ensure your players are completing a registration waiver where they’re acknowledging the risks of playing hockey, and the potential of coming into contact with COVID-19 while doing so.
  • Pre-Screening: It’s a good idea to look at pre-screening participants before arriving at the rink. Here’s a sample of the questions to be asking. 

Our ASHL leagues have been in operation since July, so if you’ve got some questions, we’re happy to share our expertise to help get you back on the ice. And if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, check out the video below to see how we were able to bring the game back to the rink this summer. 

  • Hockey Canada: Return to Hockey Information and Updates, including links to provincial and branch updates.
  • Canlan Ice Sports: What we’ve done to change our processes to help bring Hockey back at Canlan.
  • ASHL: How we’ve modified the rules in a 4-on-4 format to bring the game back. We’ll soon have modified rules available in a 5-on-5 format, as well.