Update on Proof of Vaccination Procedures

Last Updated: March 15th, 2022

TORONTO, ONT. — As jurisdictions across North America begin to take additional steps to ease public health measures, Canlan Sports and the ASHL will continue to follow all applicable guidelines as it pertains to the operation of our leagues and sports complexes.

Here’s what you need to know for each region we play in:

As proof of vaccination requirements are lifted by region, teams and players are reminded that the following rules will continue to be enforced in advance of the ASHL Winter ’21/22 playoffs:

2.4 (A) Playoff Eligibility – Players
2.4 (B) Playoff Eligibility – Goaltenders
2.4 (C) Playoff Eligibility – Backup Goaltenders

Participants are reminded that public health measures and sports complex protocols remain subject to change.

Oh, and if you’ve got an additional question, we’ve got a place for you to ask it. Click here to visit the Canlan Sports Help Centre.