The ASHL, and the importance of AEDs


BURNABY, B.C. — We can’t prevent the risk of a heart attack, but we are prepared to handle it.

Each year, thousands of ASHL games take place across Canada and the United States. And while it’s rare, the risk of a heart-attack is never out-of-the-question.

Over the past decade, Canlan Ice Sports and the ASHL has made a commitment towards mitigating this risk by installing AEDs at each location. Many facilities, like Burnaby’s 13 on-site AEDs, even have multiple devices located at various points around the facility.

Why is it important? Look no further than Ken Carrusca and Jamie Maclaren’s story.

We’re going to continue to take a proactive approach to men’s, and women’s health through our off-ice partnerships and education. But more importantly, ASHL players can head to the rink knowing that on-site AEDs and trained staff could ultimately save a life.

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