Married to the Game: Jets wives take their talents to the ASHL

WINNIPEG, MAN. — It’s a Sunday afternoon in Winnipeg and Byfuglien is ready to hit the ice — but this isn’t a Winnipeg Jets practice and Dustin isn’t the one wearing the Number 33 jersey.

It’s an Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) game and Emily Byfuglien came to win.

LINK: Married to the Game: Jets wives tell all in exclusive new documentary

A newly-minted CBC documentary goes behind the scenes with the wives and girlfriends of the Winnipeg Jets to uncover the ups and downs of having a significant other who happens to call the NHL their job.

Formed in 2015 by Brandy Ladd, The Winos provide the women with an opportunity to build their own team camaraderie in the ASHL where they play in Winnipeg’s Women’s Division.

Click here for CBC’s full story, and to check out the documentary online.