ASHL Update on COVID-19 Outbreak

On Friday March 13th, Canlan Ice Sports made a voluntary decision to temporarily close all locations to do our part in protecting our communities in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. As part of this decision, it was determined that the ASHL Winter ‘19/20 season would be paused after the completion of scheduled games on March 13th.

As of March 18th, we’re able to provide our participants with the following updates:

Resumption of Games: Canlan Ice Sports will continue to assess this rapidly changing situation as we evaluate potential dates to re-open locations, once it’s been deemed as being safe enough to do so. At that point, every effort will be made to resume the ASHL Winter ‘19/20 season with all postponed games being re-scheduled, accordingly.

Defaulted Playoff Games: Any scheduled playoff game for March 12th or March 13th that was defaulted will see its game status refreshed, with the default removed and the game subsequently re-scheduled when a resumption of play has been announced. Any defaulted regular season game from March 12th or March 13th will remain as a default.

Summer 2020 Season: When the remaining games in Winter ‘19/20 season have been re-scheduled, the ASHL will release new Season Details for the Summer 2020 season. Once released, the revised season details will consider any reduction in games, and corresponding reduction in team fees.

2020 ASHL Nationals: The tournament remains scheduled for May 14th – May 17th at Canlan’s Etobicoke and Oakville locations. In the event that changing circumstances prevent the tournament from being played as scheduled, a final decision on the tournament will be issued no later than Monday, April 13th.

We’d like to thank all of our ASHL participants for their continued patience during this challenging time, and encourage players to monitor for additional updates.

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