Double Puck Bucks are coming back!

Filed by: ASHL Staff |

TORONTO, Ont. — What’s better than Puck Bucks you might ask? Double Puck Bucks, of course.

From July 3rd through August 27th, ASHL players will receive double Puck Bucks on all food and beverage purchases at the Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse! Yup, you’ll be getting 10% back on all of your purchases* which means you can start paying down your ASHL league fees twice as quickly.

Be sure to provide your server with your Puck Bucks card after each purchase and you’ll automatically receive your Puck Bucks within 24 hours, it’s that easy. For any questions on the program, please contact

* Puck Bucks are awarded on a pre-tax basis