Be A Pro Contest

BURNABY, B.C. — Over the past two years we’ve grown to love the ASHL Be-A-Pro contest so much that we’re taking it West!

Yup, that’s right. On March 12th, 36 ASHL players from the Vancouver area will live out their very own professional dreams at Rogers Arena TM.

While we can’t promise there will be 18,000+ fans there to watch. Or that the calibre of on-ice play will resemble anything close to the NHL. We can promise that the participants will have one heck of a good time, and a memory they won’t soon be forgetting.

In addition to hitting the ice at the home of the Canucks, winners will also receive a ticket to the Canucks/Bruins game on March 13th. Oh, there’s also a few surprises along the way to make this one heck of a good time.