ASHL Announces Winners Of The Winter 23/24 Free SZN Draw!

The ASHL is proud to announce the winners of the highly-anticipated Free Season Draw! The excitement is palpable, the air electric, and the stage is set for one INCREDIBLE ASHL Winter Season. Let’s meet the winning teams, sorted by region:

British Columbia:

Langley: The Canadians
North Shore: Eagles Eating Seagulls
Scotiabarn: The Vancouver Smokeeaters, The Gladiators, and The Ice-o-Topes


Winnipeg: The Gremlins and Sunnyvale
Saskatoon: The Solar Bears and The Icehawks


York: The X-men and The Soy Saucers
Oakville: The Rogues and True North
Scarborough: The Blades and Mayhem
Oshawa: The Jive Turkeys and 74 Buds
Etobicoke: Burly Bois HC and The Dirty Boys
Mississauga: The Shambles (receives $2500 off of their league fees)


Romeoville: The Windy City Woodpuckers
West Dundee: The Mooseheads (receives $2500 off of their league fees)

A huge shoutout and congratulations to every single one of our winning teams! Best of luck to everyone who is going to be taking to the ice this year and participating in the ASHL. We have a feeling that this is going to be one for the record books!

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