ASHL Announces new sponsorship with Bet99

📆 December 28th, 2022

Sports are back in full force this Winter, and so is sports betting with Bet99.

The ASHL is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with Bet99 where our recreational hockey league will be treated like the professionals.

So, what makes this new sponsorship so exciting?

  • Bet99 ASHL Playoffs: The Winter ’22/23 Playoffs will be powered by Bet99, with new branding, merchandise, exclusive deals, and a couple of treats in store to ensure that your playoff experience will be memorable.
  • New Playoff Trophies: Playoffs aren’t playoffs without a trophy, right? This year’s playoffs will feature new championship trophies that you can take pride in lifting above your head.
  • Giveaways and Prizes: ASHL teams will have the opportunity to win some exclusive prizes during their playoff run. Stay tuned for news on that.
  • Bet99 ASHL Player of the Month: Throughout the season, we’ll be hooking up ASHL players with some additional swag with our new Bet99 ASHL Player of the Month.

Big things are coming to the ASHL this Winter, it’s time to up your game with Bet99.