Roster submission for the 2018 ASHL National Championships varies from the roster requirements of the Regional Championships and Molson Cup as we understand that not every player on your team is going to be able to make the trip.

We work with each team and verify rosters through the League Manager at the home facility of that team.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Players need to be ASHL registered from either the Winter ’15/16, ’16/17, ’17/18 or Summer ’16, ’17 seasons
  • Skill level rules apply as per the ASHL Rule Book. If a player is not a proper skill fit for the division, teams will have the ability to submit a protest on those grounds. We do make every effort to ensure this is addressed prior to the tournament
  • If you need to add players not on your team, we encourage you to do so from other teams in your facility, and preferably division.
  • If the composition of your team for the tournament is significantly different from your team at the facility-level, we do reserve the right to adjust your division of play to properly align with the skill-level of players

Submit your roster: