Try your game in a learning environment with more open ice, and more puck touches!  


START DATE: October 5th*
DURATION: 11 sessions
TIMES: 8:30 – 9:20 p.m.
NOTES: Looking to register as a goalie? E-mail Sean to confirm space availability.

*TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Registrants acknowledge that season start and end dates may be subject to change, and that gameplay, participant numbers, spectator protocols, and access to on-site amenities, including showers and food + beverage, will be subject to availability and controls in-line with any guidelines and/or restrictions at the behest the Province of Ontario, or any of its regulated agencies with the jurisdiction to enforce such guidelines and/or restrictions. Registrants acknowledge that any fees paid towards the Fall ’21 ASHL 101 season will maintain a credit commensurate with the amount of monies paid, and the amount of games played, should any stoppage be imposed, with no cash refunds being issued. Registrants with any on-file credits are permitted to use such credits as payment towards their Fall ’21 ASHL 101 Season fees.


STEP 1: Log in or create a new Player’s Bench account. If you’re a returning user, after logging in click the Register button at the top of the window.
STEP 2: In the second part of the registration process, click the Player Button. Next, using the drop-down menus below: Facility -> ASHL – York (ON); Season -> ASHL Hockey 101 (2021); Division -> Fall 2021
STEP 3: Lastly, complete your $418.14 online payment and sign the waiver. 
Please note, your spot will not be confirmed without payment.

Additional questions? No problem. Click here to contact Sean.
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989 Murray Ross Pkwy | Toronto, ON | M3J 3M4
Contact: Sean McCann

Featuring five NHL-sized rinks and one Olympic-size pad, Canlan Ice Sports – York is the largest facility of its type in the Greater Toronto Area. Nestled on the campus of York University, the facility is conveniently located close to Highway 400 and Highway 407 and has subway access by way of Pioneer Village Station. In addition to boasting the ASHL, the facility also plays host to the York Lions hockey teams and features an on-site Wild Wing restaurant and Canlan Sports Shop.