The ASHL is Coming To Your Home — Literally.

With our ASHL Season on hold, old rivalries will become new again with the launch of ASHL Esports. We’re adding a new interactive component to the ASHL experience with an the ASHL National CHELenge, presented by Molson.

So, what’s it all about?

  • – 85 teams from ASHL locations across Canada and the United States
  • – 5 divisions on the PS4 and Xbox One
  • – Sweet Prizing hookups for the champs from our pals at Molson


All tournament games will be completed using the Private Match feature within the EASHL game mode. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. 1. Make sure your team is in the dressing room at least five (5) minutes before your scheduled gametime
  2. 2. Ensure that you have at least three (3) players, and a maximum of five (5) players. Remember, no human controlled goalies!
  3. 3. Have your Room Leader change the Game Type from Public to Private.
  4. 4. Next, the Room Leader will need to enter in the Password that was provided to each Team Rep. Each game has a custom password, with both teams needing to enter that password to initiate the match. Please leave Side Selection as Any.
  5. 5. Once all of your players have readied up, start the session. As soon as both teams enter the password to initiate the session, the teams will be connected.

Please refer to the screenshots below for additional reference. On Xbox, Matchmaking Settings can be adjusted by clicking X



  • – Teams will play games according to the posted schedule.
  • – All games will be played with the default rules in the World of Chel’s EASHL game mode.
  • – Teams must have a minimum of three skaters to start the game, and a maximum of five skaters.
  • – Goaltenders are not permitted in any game, with players only permitted to occupy any of the five (5) skater positions.
  • – In the event that the score is tied after regulation, the teams will play successive overtime periods until a winner is determined 


  • – In the event of a defaulted game, the team that is deemed to have defaulted the game will be awarded a 5-0 loss in the Standings. In the event that the non-defaulting team had more than five (5) goals at the time of the default, they shall be given credit for those additional goals (e.g. A team is winning 7-1 when a default occurs, the non-defaulting team will be awarded a 7-0 win)
  • – The following scenarios will result in a defaulted game:
    • Team is not present at the start of the scheduled game. The onus is on the non-defaulting team to submit a dressing room screenshot indicating that their team was present for the scheduled game-time. Teams will have up to five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time to initiate the game.
    • Team has less than two active players in a game. Teams will be required to have three (3) players to start a game, but there will be grace provided to teams in the event of an involuntary disconnect from a game session that reduces a roster down to two (2) players. If a team, at any point, has their in-game roster reduced to less than two (2) skaters, the game will automatically come to a conclusion with the defaulting team being penalized with a default, regardless of the score at the time of the disconnect.
    • In the event of a double default (e.g. both teams fail to show up for their game) both teams will be awarded a 5-0 loss.


  • – There will be zero tolerance for any player names that could be interpreted as racist, misogynistic, or otherwise in violation of ASHL rules. If you’re unsure about whether your player name is acceptable, you should change it. Teams have the ability to report such instances, and if deemed inappropriate, violating teams will be punished with a default for that game. 
  • – There will be zero tolerance for any intentional manipulation of the integrity of gameplay. Teams have the ability to report other teams — provided there’s a video screen capture — of any intentional holding the puck in your own end for extended periods of time. In short, don’t be that team.



  • – The top two (2) teams in each pool will advance to the Playoff Round on Friday May 22nd. In the event of a points tie, the following tie-break method shall be implemented to determine the ranking of the seeds
    • Two Teams: Best record in the head-to-head game between the tied teams
    • 3 or 4 Teams: Using the following formula, once the first team has been advanced from a 3 or 4 team points tie, we will revert back to the formula to break any subsequent ties in the Standings.
      • Best record in the head-to-head games between the three tied teams
      • Most Wins
      • Best goal differential
      • Least Goals against
      • Coin Flip


Please click the link below to submit the score for a completed game.